EDGE-Classic is a Doom source port that provides advanced features, ease of modding, and attractive visuals while keeping hardware requirements very modest.

Notable features

  • WebGL platform support
  • UDMF map support
  • DEHEXTRA compatibility
  • DSDHacked compatibility
  • UMAPINFO compatibility
  • Compressed container support (.EPK, .ZIP)
  • A soundfont-capable MIDI player (.sf2 support)
  • OPL emulation with support for external OP2/AIL/TMB instrument banks
  • Support for OGG and MP3 as music and sound effects
  • Many more music formats (FLAC, IMF, IT/S3M/XM/MOD/RADv2 tracker modules and even C64 SID)
  • Quake MD1, MD2 and MD3 model support
  • KVX and KV6 voxel model support
  • TrueType font support (TTF and OTF)
  • Support for image/spritesheet fonts
  • Erraticism (aka SuperHot) gameplay mode: Time will only advance when the player moves or fires
  • Improved support for gamepads
  • Lua as the primary scripting language, with COAL compatibility libraries for porting
  • Expanded DDF, RTS, and COAL features
  • Full support for the Chex Quest 1, HacX 1.2, Harmony and REKKR IWADs
  • Greatly improved Heretic/Blasphemer IWAD compatibility
  • Enhanced support for the Freedoom 1/2 IWADs
  • Widescreen statusbar, intermission, and title screens
  • Replaced GLBSP with AJBSP as the internal nodebuilder
  • Inventory system
  • Autoload folder
  • New Liquid animation (SMMU and Parallax)
  • Optional Dynamic Sound Reverb
  • Optional Pistol Start feature

Bugfixes and detailed changes can be found in CHANGELOG.txt

Currently Supported Platforms

  • Windows 32/64-bit (x86 architecture), Vista or later
  • Linux 32/64-bit (x86 and ARM architecture - ARM tested with Raspberry Pi OS on a Pi 4B)
  • BSD 32/64-bit (x86 and ARM64 architecture - tested with FreeBSD 13.1; ARM64 tested on a Pi 4B but not recommended unless proper video acceleration is available as playable framerates are too difficult to achieve otherwise)
  • Mac 64-bit (x86 and M1 architecture)

Currently Supported IWADs

  • The Ultimate Doom/Doom 1/Freedoom Phase 1
  • Doom 2/Freedoom Phase 2
  • Chex Quest 1
  • Heretic/Blasphemer
  • HacX 1.2
  • Harmony